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An exciting and interactive program is currently being established. You will have ample chance to meet the experts and discuss cases in smaller break-out groups. You can also look forward to invited lectures, oral abstract presentations, poster presentations and discussions. Join us and learn about the various approaches and treatments in Europe and take part in shaping innovative healthcare for the future.

Download the preliminary program agenda (version: September 2017).

Friday 15 September 2017

1:00 PM         Opening of the workshop  

                        Jonathan Schapiro, Sheba Medical Centre, Israel                         

1:10 PM         HIV Macroprevention; epidemiology, phylogenic and networks     

                        Charles Boucher, Erasmus MC, The Netherlands

Session 1: What still needs to be improved in our future HIV drugs?

1:30 PM       The impact of antiretroviral drugs on renal function

       Bruce Hendry, King's College London, UK

1:50 PM       The impact of antiretroviral drugs on cardiovascular health     

                       Jose Lopez-Sendon, Hospital Universitario La Paz , Madrid   

2:10 AM       Optimizing antiretroviral drugs for the aging patient
                        Giovanni Guaraldi, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy                           

2:30 PM       Case discussion: Co-morbidities in people living with HIV

                        Roger Paredes, IrsiCaixa Foundation, Barcelona         

3:00 PM       Discussion & abstract driven presentations

3.30 PM       Coffee break

Session 2: How best to monitor our HIV treated patients over the coming decade?
4:00 PM       The future of patient monitoring    
                       Hans-Jurgen Stellbrink, University of Hamburg, Germany
4:20 PM       Case discussion: How do drugs/patients impact need and type of monitoring    
                       Laura Waters, University College London Hospitals, UK
                       Marta Boffito, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, UK

4:50 PM       Discussion & abstract driven presentations

5:30 PM       Light refreshments


Session 3: How can social media be optimally utilized to improve patient care?

6:00 PM       The role of social media in optimizing medical care     
                         Matthew Hodson, National AIDS Manual, UK
6:20 PM       Case discussion: Demonstrative case of social media based HIV p

                         Guido van den Berk, Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis, The Netherlands
6:50 PM       Discussion & Abstract driven presentations 


7:30 PM       Poster viewing, drinks and informal social exchange

8:30 PM       Workshop dinner

Saturday 16 September 2017

Session 4: Cost and Effectiveness – Where Do They Meet?

8:30 AM       Value-based healthcare in HIV management – The economists' perspective    

                         Phil McEwan, Center for Health Economics, Swansea University 

8:50 AM       Value-based healthcare in HIV management – The clinicians' perspective 

                         Jean Jacques Parienti, Hopital Caen, France 
9:10 AM       Value-based healthcare in HIV management – The patients' perspective 

                         Kees Brinkman, Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis, The Netherlands

9:30 AM        Discussion  


Session 5: Break - out sessions

10:00 AM       Small groups (one third of participants) will be assigned one of the pillars and

                        together with 2 faculty facilitators work on the specific questions of that pillar. A

                        short presentation summarizing their recommendations will be prepared for

                        presentation by one of the group.

         All Participants

11:30 AM       Short presentation by each of the three pillars followed by discussion on the pillar

                        by the entire group   

                         Selected Participants

12:30 PM        Summary of the meeting and steps for the future
                          All Faculty and Participants                               

13.00 AM        Program Closure 

                          Charles Boucher, Erasmus MC, the Netherlands