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 13:00 Registration & Walk-in lunch

 14:00 Opening
 Jonathan Schapiro & Charles Boucher

 14:10 How can clinicians improve the quality of life of people living with HIV

           Michael Meulbroek, BCN Checkpoint, Spain

 Session 1: PrEP - from Clinic to Community

Chairs: Pep Coll

 14:30 PrEP - Overcoming Challenges - Lessons from Asia
Donn Colby, MD, MPH, Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre, Thailand

 14:45 PrEP Rollout in Europe - Current Update
Pep Coll, MD, AIDS Research Institute-IrsiCaixa, Spain         

 15:10 PrEP - remaining community needs
Michael Meulbroek, BCN Checkpoint, Spain

           Round Table Discussion :

 15:25 Implementation status of PrEP in Sweden

 15:32 Implementation status of PrEP in Austria

 14:39 Implementation status of PrEP in United Kingdom

 14:46 Implementation status of PrEP in the Netherlands


 15:53 Implementation status of PrEP in Europe: what works - what not

 16:03 Discussion

 16:30 Coffee break & Poster viewing

Session 2: Safe sex practice

Chairs: tba

 17:00 Sexual Health Counseling

           Shaun Watson, Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom

 17:25 ChemSex - DDI interactions

           José Moltó, MD, PhD, Hospital Universitari Germans Trias i Pujol, Spain

 17:35 Abstract presentation

 17:45 Abstract presentation

 17:55 Abstract presentation

 19:00 Group Picture

 19:30 Workshop Dinner


 Session 3: Factors affecting Quality of Life

 Chairs: tba

 09:00 Importance of patient reported outcomes​
Martin Duracinsky, MD, PhD, Paris Diderot University, France

 09:25 Obesity and HIV Treatment - Knowns and unknowns​
Laura Waters, MD, Mortimer Market Centre, United Kigdom

 09:50 HIV and Osteoporosis​
           Andy Hoepelman, MD, University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands

 10:15  Discussion

 10:30  Coffee break & Poster viewing

  11:00 Parallel Session:

            Translating resistance and pharmacology to treatment decisions

            Jonathan Schapiro, MD, Sheba Medical Center, Israel


            Using mobile devices to monitor Quality of Life

            Gido van den Berk, MD, Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis, The Netherlands

  Session 4: Future of HIV Treatment

  Chairs: tba

 11:45 Clinical implications of Long Acting Antivirals
Andrea Calcagno, University of Torino, Italy

 12:10 Round table discussion:

           What are the pitfalls/considerations of treatment with Long Acting Antivirals


 12:45 Closure Workshop